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Our Mission

Limitless Investigative Solutions, LLC, exists to provide clients, and potential clients, with superior level investigations that result in the accomplishment of sought out objectives.


Limitless Possibilities For Great Investigative Solutions


. Over 40 years locating subjects and companies. 

. High quality investigative resources.

. Superior results locating individuals and companies.


. Mobile Notary for affidavits of no other insurance. 

. Hand delivery of documents.


Social media is a very important part of the lives of many people as the numbers show. Limitless Investigative Solutions, L.L.C. has developed and launched a skillful department with experts at mining and discovering social media sites for subjects under investigation. In addition to mining, this unit is capable of monitoring subjects daily and capturing images, videos and comments that contradict injuries and losses allegedly suffered. This unit has the potential to assist in the denial and settlement of questionable claims.


Our expert background investigators take a limitless approach when it comes to researching your subjects. We conduct thorough background investigations to discover all information about subjects but not limited to: ​

. Residential History​- Criminal Records​  

. Civil Records​

. Personal Data​

. Real Property Ownership

. Associates​

. Relatives​

. Employment Information


Limitless Investigative Solutions, L.L.C. surveillance investigators are among the best investigatorsin the field. Our approach is to observe and analyze every target and the surrounding areas prior toon-site investigations. We make every effort at remaining undetected by skill and our ability to think outside the box. The following will make your surveillances more successful:

1. Tell us when the subject was last under surveillance and the result.

2. Provide information about the subject’s family and children.

3. Provide the name of the subject’s lawyer if represented, to determine if the subject was made surveillance conscious.

4. Surveillance during medical appointments can be effective and should be an option.


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